FY2024 Workshop

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The FY2024 INFUSE in-person workshop was held from February 27-28, 2024 at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.

The INFUSE workshop focused on opportunities for networking and discussing areas of growth in the program. The agenda and poster information is listed below with links to presentations.

INFUSE Workshop

February 27-28, 2024

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Melvin B. Gottlieb Auditorium


Tuesday February 27, 2024

8:00 AM               Registration open and poster setup (Main Lobby)

9:00 AM               Welcome (Cowley), Safety (ES&H), and Opening (Lumsdaine, Gilson, Nehl)

9:30 AM               FES Perspective (Mandrekas)

9:45 AM               Update from the Office of the Under Secretary for Science & Innovation (Hsu)

10:00 AM            Poster lightning talks

10:25 AM            Coffee break / Poster discussions

11:00 AM            State of the fusion industry (Holland)

11:30 AM             Lunch (on site) + Poster discussions

12:45 PM             INFUSE success stories

3:15 PM               Coffee break / Poster discussions

4:30 PM               Panel discussion on early INFUSE cycles (Diallo, Youchison)

5:15 PM               Closing Remarks & INFUSE Program Updates (Lumsdaine)

5:30 PM               End of Day 1

Wednesday February 28, 2024

8:30 AM               Technical discussions
               GAIN (Lohse)
               DEI (Dominguez, Shaw)
               ITER Data requests (Lumsdaine)
10:00 AM            Coffee break / Poster discussions

10:45 AM            CRADA process (Zimmerman, Paulus, Mempin)

11:45 AM             Lunch (on site) + Poster discussions

1:15 PM               PPPL Tour

3:45 PM               Townhall meeting on INFUSE future

4:45 PM               INFUSE in the FES landscape (Allain)

5:30 PM               Close

Poster Information

Poster instructions

  • Posters will be placed in the entryway, just outside of the seminar room where the INFUSE workshop will take place.
  • Discussions can take place around posters during coffee breaks and lunch breaks.
  • Poster boards are 4′ x 8′.
  • Posters should be put up between 8-9am on Tuesday, 2/27, and taken down after lunch on Wednesday, 2/28.

Capabilities posters

BNL Capabilities for the Fusion Community Kathleen AmmBrookhaven National Lab
Fusion-Relevant Technology Development at Fermilab Stephen Gourlay Fermilab
ANL Capabilities for Fusion Breeding Blanket Thanh HuaArgonne National Laboratory
ANL Capabilities for Fusion ResearchThanh HuaArgonne National Laboratory
LBNL Capabilities for Fusion Partnerships Soren PrestemonLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Sandia Capabilities for Fusion Partnerships Rob KolasinskiSandia National Laboratory
ORNL Capabilities for Fusion Partnerships Arnie LumsdaineOak Ridge National Laboratory
PPPL Capabilities for Fusion Partnerships Erik GilsonPrinceton Plasma Physics Laboratory
INL Capabilities for Fusion PartnershipsMasa Shimada Idaho National Laboratory
Los Alamos National Laboratory’s capabilities to advance both magnetic and inertial fusion energy partnerships John KlineLos Alamos National Laboratory
Fusion Capabilities at PNNL: Scalable Manufacturing, Multi-scale Modeling, Mechanical Testing, Atomic-Resolution Characterization, and Tritium Science Dalong ZhangPacific Northwest National Laboratory
SRNL Fusion Program Partnering Opportunities Luke Olson Savannah River National Laboratory
Equilibrium, Stability, and Disruption Calculations Supporting the Design & Assembly of the SPARC Tokamak Carlos Paz-Soldan Columbia University
Extreme Environment Electron Beam High Heat Flux Testing and Evaluation Capabilities Ryan L. RomesbergPenn State ARL

Technical Posters

Fusion Device Comprehensive Neutronics Analysis and Multiphysics Coupling Jin Whan BaeOak Ridge National Laboratory
SCLL Fusion Blanket Design & Tritium Breeding Analysis with PHITS: EX-Fusion & UC Berkeley Collaboration Max Monange EX-Fusion
Hybrid Magneto-Electrostatic Orbitron Fusion Reactor: Overview of Scientific Program at Avalanche Energy Robin Langtry Avalanche Energy
Materials Synthesis, Scalable Manufacturing, Extreme Environment Testing, and Performance Evaluation Capabilities Christopher DeSalle Penn State ARL
Gyrokinetic-Optimized Equilibria For a Spherical Fusion Pilot Plant Jason Parisi Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Mechanical Characterization of PFC Candidate Fine-Grain Dispersion-Strengthened Tungsten Materials Zak Koyn Energy Driven Technologies, LLC
Extended-MHD simulations of disruption mitigation via massive gas injection in SPARC Andreas KleinerPrinceton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Stable Plasma Confinement by Cross-Helicity Generation at the Alfvén Velocity Daniel Prater Second Sun Energy 
Fiber Optic Tritium Gas DetectorRoman SamulyakPenn State University
Tritium Fuel Cycle Modelling and Optimization to Enable Fusion Pilot Plant DevelopmentPatrick EllisGeneral Fusion
Machine learning assisted multi-scale multi-physics modeling of Plasma facing materials under thermal shocksMohammed AlnaggarOak Ridge National Laboratory