Enabling Technologies

Enabling technologies include such things as:

  • Magnets and magnet materials for LTSC, HTSC including HFSC
  • RF heating systems including ICH, ECH, LHCD, helicon and gyrotron sources
  • Neutral Beam Heating, both positive and negative ion beam
  • Pellet fueling, pumping and disruption mitigation
  • Advanced plasma facing components (PFCs) for first wall and divertor applications
  • Advanced In-vessel components (IVCs) like faraday shields and antenna guard armor
  • Advanced divertor configurations and ELM coils
  • Remote handling and RAMI
  • Blanket and shielding evaluations, neutronics and volumetric heating
  • Tritium processing and control
  • Vacuum vessel bake-out and wall conditioning

This is not meant to be an all-inclusive list. Other critical technologies for long-pulse fusion machines will also be considered.