The second round of 2021 RFA applications will open soon. 

The second round of 2021 RFA applications will open June 30, 2021 and will close on August 13, 2021.  Please be sure to submit your RFA packages a few days before the close date to ensure that any problems can be addressed before the site closes.  Access to the sharepoint submission site is only available during the submission period.  All submitters must have an authenticated Azure AD account.  Please follow the instructions below to obtain one.

FES  supports challenging research in five topical areas:

  • enabling technologies
  • materials science
  • plasma diagnostics
  • theory and simulation including artificial intelligence
  • research requiring unique DOE experimental facilities

Applications should focus on basic research in order to be within the Congressionally authorized mission space of FES.  Applications focused on commercialization aspects of fusion energy will not be considered.

It is now mandatory that prospective private-sector applicants identify and contact personnel at proposed DOE partner laboratories to establish feasibility prior to submitting a Request for Assistance (RFA) application.  Please keep a “Record-of-Discussion” consisting of e-mail exchanges and notes concerning your discussions and task responsibilities with lab PIs.  A summary must be signed by both private and lab PIs and uploaded with the proposal along with a budget estimate.  Please use the Excel budget template in the supporting documents folder.  The INFUSE corporate information form also must be completed and uploaded during submission.  Eligibility requirements are outlined here.  Help on navigating the submission site can be found at http://INFUSE.ORNL.GOV/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/INFUSE_Submission_Interface_James.pdf

Downloadable Resources

The terms and conditions are stipulated in the DOE CRADA agreements (see links below).  Please review carefully for export control restrictions and intellectual property provisions.  These terms are not negotiable.

Submission Process

ORNL has a new security procedure for guest access. If you are planning on submitting an RFA, please fill in your information below.  You will be contacted with further instructions. If you have a vetted acct and password, please log into the protected SharePoint site here and click on “Submit Application” to begin your submission.