Second Round 2022 Awards Announced by DOE

The second round of 2022 INFUSE awards has been announced by DOE.  The official announcement can be found here.  A list of projects with abstracts is in the library.  Thank you to all the submitters and reviewers who participated in the 2nd round of 2022.

Project Title Company Name Principal Investigator Institution Cycle
A modern neutronics-modeling uncertainty methodology towards a future fusion neutronics handbook Commonwealth Fusion Systems Corinne Mitchell ORNL 2022b
Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Ferritic Steel Wire Feedstock Development for Large-Format Additive Manufacturing Commonwealth Fusion Systems Cody Dennett PNNL 2022b
Retention of Fusion Plasma Species in PFC Candidate Fine-Grain Dispersion-Strengthened Tungsten Materials Energy Driven Technologies LLC Zachariah Koyn SNL 2022b
Simulation study for risk assessment of laser-plasma instabilities in proton fast ignition Focused Energy Inc. Pravesh Patel LANL 2022b
Model validation of low-density foams wetted with liquid deuterium and tritium for inertial fusion target optimization Focused Energy Inc. Leonard Jarrott LLNL 2022b
Machine learning-accelerated predictions of power and particle exhaust in a fusion pilot plant General Atomics Jonathan Yu LLNL 2022b
Determining fast particle behavior in a reactor-relevant Quasi-Axisymmetric stellarator equilibrium Princeton Stellarators, Inc Charles Swanson PPPL 2022b
Stellarator evolution modelling Princeton Stellarators, Inc. Mike Martin PPPL 2022b
Evaluation of the effect of coolant purity on the corrosion resistance of Castable Nanostructured Alloys for structural application in tokamak reactor blankets Tokamak Energy Inc. Naomi Mburu ORNL 2022b
High-temperature superconducting CORC® conductors for stellarator magnet applications Type One Energy Group Inc. Paul Harris LBNL 2022b