FY2023 Awards Announced by DOE

The FY2023 INFUSE awardees have been announced by DOE.  This is the only round of awards that will be given this FY.  The official announcement can be found here.  A list of projects with abstracts is in the Library.  Thank you to all of those show submitted applications – the largest number of applications of any previous INFUSE round.

The next Request for Applications is expected to come out in January 2024.

Development of Tritium Sensors for Enabling Low-Carbon Technologies for FUSION (DETECT – FUSION)Baker HughesChristopher FreemanUniversity-Penn State
A low AC loss, fast ramp HTS solenoid prototype for compact Spherical TokamakBruker OSTYibing HuangPPPL
Electrochemical Evaluation of Hydrogen Concentration and Diffusivity in FLiBeCommonwealth Fusion SystemsCaroline SorensenUniversity-UC Berkeley
Deuterium retention in boron dustCommonwealth Fusion SystemsAdam KuangPPPL
Informing ARC divertor design and plasma facing material selection through integrated modelingCommonwealth Fusion SystemsLauren GarrisonUniversity-UCLA
Design of proton diagnostics operating at high repetition rate to advance proton fast ignitionFocused Energy Inc.Andrea HannaschPPPL
Opportunities for Fusion Coil System in a Compact Spherical Tokamak using Low Cost, High Field Superconductors Made in USAGauss Fusion Inc.Lawrence MasurPPPL
Design and simulation of innovative p-11B targets for IFEHB11 Energy USA LLCThomas MehlhornUniversity-Rochester
Nonlinear kinetic simulation study of non-equilibrium and merging FRCsHelion EnergyAnthony PancottiPPPL
A Multiphysics Simulation of Magnetohydrodynamic Li-Pb Flow in a Blanket Module with SiCf/SiC as Structural MaterialKyoto Fusioneering America Ltd.Bibake UppalPPPL
Evaluating Lithium-Lead Mixtures for Increased Tritium Breeding in Fusion Energy Blanket Systems: Exploring the Impact of Composition and TemperatureKyoto Fusioneering America Ltd.Chris DornORNL
Evaluating Lithium Compatibility for Electrode Materials Used in an Electrolysis-Based Tritium Extraction ProcessKyoto Fusioneering America Ltd.Chris DornSRNL
Developing a renewable first wall with boron pebbles.Princeton Stellarators, Inc.Santhosh KumarUniversity-UCSD
ORNL Portable Diagnostic Package for Evaluating Mirror PerformanceRealta FusionKieran FurlongORNL
Efficient Tritium Extraction from Liquid LithiumStellarex, Inc.Michael ZarnstorffSRNL
Integrated kinetic modeling of a biased expander using Aleph codeTAE TechnologiesAles NecasSNL
In-situ measurements of hydrogen-titanium plasma-material interactions for model validationTAE TechnologiesJon DrobnyUniversity-UIUC
Post irradiation examination of nickel doped fusion steels irradiated in the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR)Tokamak Energy IncMark KoepkeORNL