First round 2022 awards announced by DOE

The first round of 2022 INFUSE awards has been announced by DOE.  The official announcement can be found here.  A list of projects with abstracts is in the library.  Thank you to all the submitters and reviewers who participated in the 1st round of 2022.

Characterization of Turbulent Transport and Confinement in ARC with STEP and CGYRO Commonwealth Fusion Systems Alex Creely University-UCSD
Machine learning assisted prediction of tungsten heavy alloy plasma facing component performance for fusion energy applications Commonwealth Fusion Systems Dina Yuryev University-MIT
Assessing ELM mitigation by pellet triggering in SPARC low-collisionality discharges Commonwealth Fusion Systems Christopher Chrobak ORNL
Agile design workflow for plasma-facing fusion components with coupled thermofluidic and structural optimization Commonwealth Fusion Systems Caroline Sorensen ORNL
Fuel Cycle and Tritium Plant Model for Fusion Pilot Plant General Atomics David Weisberg SRNL
Tritium Fuel Cycle Modelling and Optimization to Enable Fusion Pilot Plant Development General Fusion Corp. Ryan Guerrero SRNL
Beyond Neoclassical Closures for MHD Simulation of General Fusion Devices via Kinetic Monte Carlo Calculations General Fusion Corp. Colin McNally ORNL
Observing Density Evolution During Merging of Plectonemic Taylor states Helicity Space Corporation Setthivoine You University-Swarthmore
3D modeling of the Staged Z-pinch with the FLASH code Magneto-Inertial Fusion Technologies, Inc. Emil Ruskov University-Rochester
Hard x-ray imaging and characterization of staged z-pinch plasmas in order to exclude ion beams as cause of fusion Magneto-Inertial Fusion Technologies, Inc Hafiz Rahman University-CalTech
Electron density profiles on PFRC with USPR Princeton Fusion Systems, Inc. Chris Galea University-UCDavis
Evaluating RF antenna designs for PFRC plasma heating and sustainment Princeton Fusion Systems, Inc. Michael Paluszek PPPL
Stabilizing PFRC plasmas against macroscopic low-frequency modes Princeton Fusion Systems, Inc. Stephanie Thomas PPPL
Performance-structure characterization to improve REBCO Fusion conductor production at SuperPower SuperPower Inc Yifei Zhang University-FSU
Development of a High-Flux Inductive Spheromak Gun for FRC Formation via Counter-Helicity Merging TAE Technologies, Inc. Hiroshi Gota PPPL
THz Radiation Generation to Enable Internal Magnetic Field Measurement of Burning Plasmas TAE Technologies, Inc. Ales Necas University-Rochester
FLARED — Flowing Lithium’s Adsorption and Release Experiment for Deuterium Tokamak Energy, Inc. Mark Koepke University-UIUC
Simulation of Direct-Drive Hybrid Using Two Opposed Beams for Inertial Fusion Energy VWG Inc. dba Xcimer Energy Conner Galloway University-Rochester