The initial proposal solicitation for INFUSE is now closed. It ran from June 01, 2019 through July 07, 2019.  FES  supports challenging research in five topical areas:

  • enabling technologies
  • materials science
  • plasma diagnostics
  • theory and simulation
  • research requiring unique DOE experimental facilities

  The original submission deadline was extended to July 07, 2019.   Award notifications will be issued August 10, 2019.  CRADA negotiations must be initiated by August 30, 2019 and executed within 12 months.  FY2019 awards to labs will be made in September 2019.

Applications should focus on basic research in order to be within the Congressionally authorized mission space of FES.  Applications focused on commercialization aspects of fusion energy will not be considered.

While not mandatory, it is strongly suggested that prospective private-sector applicants identify and contact personnel at proposed DOE partner laboratories to establish feasibility prior to submitting a Request for Assistance (RFA) application.

Downloadable Resources

The terms and conditions are stipulated in the DOE CRADA agreements (see links below).  Please review carefully for export control restrictions and intellectual property provisions.  These terms are not negotiable.

Submission Process

Submission requires an XCAMS account.

After you request an XCAMS account, you will receive the following notifications:

  1. A notification that your XCAMS account has been created and is activated.
  2. A notification from INFUSE that your access to the SharePoint site is in review for approval.  NOTE:  YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOG INTO THE SUBMISSION SITE UNTIL YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN APPROVED.
  3. A notification from INFUSE once your access has been approved and that you’re ready to login.

Get XCAMS Account

If you already have an XCAMS account, begin the submission process for your proposal using the orange button: